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Apr 12, 2016 Building a Custom Home

Design Trends: A Stunning Craft Room

While we highlight square footage, number of bedrooms, and number of bathrooms often, homes are much more than those numbers! Many of the floorplans we offer at Wayne Homes include a flex space that many of our families like to use for a craft room space.

You can see some craft room ideas at several of our model homes, including the Akron Medina Brighton model, Bowling Green Princeton model, Delaware Princeton model, Newark Brighton model and Pittsburgh Lexington model. Craft rooms are great spaces for spring and summer DIY projects. Here are some ideas for creating a craft room space in your home.

Make it for the whole family

If you have little ones and enjoy crafting, make your craft room a great space for family DIY projects. Decorate with a photo collage of the family, or handprint art using colorful paints. Multi-level surfaces make crafting easier for kids who are still growing, while higher shelves keep more delicate crafting items out of reach. A large centerpiece table makes a great spot for everyone to come together.

Create crafting stations

The key to a good crafting space is organization. You need a lot of supplies to make great crafts, and making sure all of those supplies have a proper place is important. Along those lines, consider creating crafting “stations” for each type of craft you like doing. A sewing nook with a cozy chair and warm, rich lighting makes the perfect wind down spot. A painting easel near a window with great natural light is ideal for a budding artist.

Keep everything in place

One of the fun things about decorating your crafting room is using the actual crafts and supplies as colorful, eclectic decorative accents. Yet, while keeping some select items out for visual interest is smart, it’s equally smart to designate specific spaces for storage. A beautiful pantry cabinet lets you keep less neat supplies out of sight, and adds an eye-catching piece of furniture to the space.

Springtime is the ideal time to break out the crafting supplies and get creative. With all the color busting out around you, and nature inspiring at every turn, take some time to get crafty this season! Make sure to check out out our Pinterest board for an array of crafting ideas!

Interested in exploring a home with the option for a great crafting space? Call us today!

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