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2024 Home Design Trend Report

Our 2024 Home Design Trend Report Has Arrived

It’s a new year, and if you’re ready for more in ’24, then we’ve got it. Our 2024 Home Design Trend Report has the insider tips you need to inspire you for your new Wayne home or to make on-trend updates to your current home.

Brittany Burkhart, Wayne Homes’ Model & Virtual Design Coordinator has the inside scoop for what’s hot in home design.

Brittany Burkhart, Model & Virtual Design Coordinator

Floor Plan Design

Are open floor plans out? The experts say no, but what is trending is having spaces that are designed to keep messes at bay. This is especially important for open floor plans where the kitchen is a major focal point. Secondary kitchen work spaces like butler’s pantries or hidden coffee bars are on the rise because they help to keep the main kitchen area tidy and fresh! They’re the perfect place for the “messiness” to be hidden when company arrives, relieving some of that pressure to be picture perfect. No more emergency cleaning!

Current Mood: Deep, Dark Tones

Dark and moody spaces will be trending for 2024, says Brittany. “I’ve noticed a growing trend where bathroom cabinets and walls share a cohesive dark moody color. Similarly, in office or den spaces, there’s a shift towards painting ceilings and walls with the same dark hue, while incorporating warm, rich accents. This departure from the prevalent white aesthetic of recent years creates a distinctive and unique ambiance.”

Brittany says there is a specific way to do dark and moody without making the whole house feel like a dungeon. “We know light and bright is always a welcome sight, but dark and moody has a place, too. You can achieve this balance by using contrasting colors and materials in furnishings and fixtures and make sure there is plenty of natural and artificial light in those darker spaces.” Powder rooms and home offices or bars can be great spaces to try the dark and moody trend out. In fact, our Bowling Green Covington Model Home will be showcasing this design trend when it reopens, so keep an eye out for these on-trend updates!

Turn Up the Warmth

Top designers are saying bright whites and cool grays are currently trending down and warm neutral palettes are on the rise. Think creams, browns, rusts, and muted green colors in furnishings, cabinetry, and more. The prediction for kitchen cabinets is that white and gray will continue to decline in popularity and those rich, earthy colors will become more popular. Various shades of green for cabinetry or dark grays or blues can be seen all over the place right now.

Brittany also believes that organic and warm materials and color palettes will continue to rise. “Warm touches will offset the dark, moody spaces and offer a warmth to the home that so many are looking for.” You heard it here first: warm wood tones, organic materials, and natural textures, as well as greige or cream paint colors, will still stick around as home style staples.

Mix and Match Metals

The Wayne Homes interior design décor experts said it last year and will say it again for 2024–mixed metals are still in. While there is nothing wrong with uniformity, if you want to stray away from the cookie-cutter look and get a more designer feel, then try mixing metals. Black and brass are popular together, but you may even try chrome or polished nickel with black or brass. You may have thought chrome was a thing of the past, but used in the right way it can add the designer feel that’s just what you’re looking for. Mixing metals brings depth to your home design that feels truly custom.

Tiffany LoCoco, Wayne Homes Design Consultant, brings some unexpected tips for 2024 home design.

Tiffany LoCoco, Design Consultant

Don’t Forget the Fifth Wall

Don’t forget about the 5th wall–the ceiling! There are so many ways to dress up the ceiling of a room for an unexpected look, according to Tiffany. Beams, shiplap, wallpaper, paint, ceiling medallions, and more! If you are looking for a way to spice up a room, simply look up.

2024 Color of the Year

The Sherwin Williams 2024 Color of the Year is Upward. This is a breezy, blissful blue – the color found when we slow down, take a breath, and allow the mind to clear. This light blue hints at a silver lining ahead. What a beautiful way to start the year. Consider painting a room or accent wall this color…or even your ceiling!

Whether you are painting, wallpapering, or just rearranging some furniture, our 2024 Design Trends Guide will help you try some trends on for size so you can have more in ’24.

Do you have a design question? Ask our team of experts!

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