Core Values
Sep 15, 2011 Custom Home Design

Core Values

My wife and I went to a cozy Italian restaurant the other day. While waiting for our table, I gazed about and noticed that their ‘family philosophy’ was proudly displayed on the wall behind the cash register. It began: “We are in business because you are our patron, and we know that you have needs…” It ended with: “We know you have expectations, and we are committed to exceed them”. That certainly rang a bell! Guess what? Those familiar words were backed up with admirable follow-through; and we had an excellent meal at a fair price. The entire experience gave me the inspiration to share our Wayne Homes philosophy with you!

I am proud to tell you about our people and their commitment to Wayne Homes’ core values.  What are core values?  They are principles that don’t fluctuate when the economy does; they are unwavering beacons that guide us in decision-making; they are beliefs that are never changed to fit the occasion. Core values provide the framework for any teammate to reach wise and correct solutions without first having to ‘check with the boss’. They reflect who we are, and what we do!

  1. I provide an Outstanding Customer Experience
  2. I always act with Integrity
  3. I believe in Continuous Improvement
  4. I use systems to achieve Operational Excellence
  5. I believe in Quality Growth
  6. I am a part of our Community
  7. I am part of a team that custom-builds Great Homes

Did you notice that each core value began with the word “I”, rather than “We”? That’s because our teammates requested that change several years ago. You see, it’s a very personal commitment from each of us that I, like my teammates, take individual ownership of every one of these core values.  The bonus is that each of us knows that the entire team’s actions and behaviors are truly aligned. We can count on each other without hesitation! And that makes everything possible.

To learn more about Wayne Homes’ core values, please visit our website and see them in action on our Facebook page!

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