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Dec 22, 2020 Custom Home Design

The Great Debate: Loft vs. Additional Bedroom

Hampton Farmhouse Loft

Extra space. It’s one of the top reasons for buying or building a new home. But, when it comes to bonus spaces, which is better: a loft or an additional bedroom? There are pros and cons to each, so let’s take a look at both in this Great Debate.



  • Lofts lend themselves to community spaces–could be a game space (with a pool table) or additional entertainment space (TV room) that guests would use
  • A loft makes a great playroom because it is visible from the great room, so you can keep a close eye on the kids
  • Less expensive to create a loft space than a bedroom (no closet or walls to pay extra for!)
  • Can have a pull-out couch for guests that can serve as double duty for a rec space

Cons:Charleston Craftsman Loft

  • No privacy–would need to add a door/walls/closet for bedroom conversion
  • Without walls sounds can carry easier, especially with vaulted ceilings, making a loft not as good for an office space or quiet area
  • Can’t count the space as another bedroom, which can lower the home’s resale value

Additional Bedroom


Hampton Farmhouse bedroom

  • There’s nothing you can use a loft for that you can’t use a bedroom for as well (home office, kids’ playroom, etc.)
  • You can close the door to hide any messes, and it is more private than a loft
  • Private guest bedroom–guests can enjoy a sleeping area that is private rather than a space you can see from the great room
  • Adds more value to your home for resale


  • Not as easy to see what kids are doing if you use this space as a playroom
  • Can be less comfortable when used as a game room or den…guests are typically drawn to open spaces when congregating at friends’ homes
  • More expensive to create

Still unsure which you prefer? What it comes down to is how many bedrooms you need for the number of people living with you, and what you will be using the spare room/loft for.

Take a look at these great floor plans that offer a loft or additional bedroom space for inspiration:

  • Charleston (loft could be made into a 5th bedroom)
  • Covington (loft could be made into a 4th bedroom)
  • Hampton (loft could be made into a 4th bedroom)
  • Jamestown (loft could be made into a 4th bedroom)
  • Plymouth (loft could be made into a 4th bedroom)
  • Vicksburg (bedroom 4 can be converted into a loft) – One of our homeowners, Kelly, converted the 4th bedroom into a great play loft for her kids. Watch the Wayne Walkthrough and see what you think!

If you’re itching for more space in your home, contact us! We’re looking forward to customizing a floor plan that has space for everything and everyone you love.

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