Top home design trends to consider in 2018

Styles come and go, but the wonderful thing about having a custom home is that you can alter it to flex with the times! Besides, what’s more fun and satisfying than having one of the most stylish spaces to relax and entertain in? We spoke with our design expert Eric Mandil to learn more about... [read more]

Designing the Perfect Master Suite

Over the last few months, we’ve shared posts with tips and suggestions for designing the perfect girl’s room, crafting a boy’s room your son would love, and designing a guest room to delight and relax your guests. We haven’t overlooked the heads of the household though, so we’re going to... [read more]

Hit a Homerun with a Sports-Themed Bedroom

It isn’t just adults who get excited about moving into a brand new custom home. The kids are a huge part of the process, especially when it comes to picking out and designing their bedrooms. They may not jump up and down over bathroom light fixtures and kitchen drawer pulls, but start talking... [read more]

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