Meet the Sandusky Team

Everyone on the Wayne Homes team has an important role to play in the new home building process. Whether they’re the first person you talk to when you give us a call, the talented individual who helps you design your dream kitchen, or the Field Manager who hands you your final keys at the end of... [read more]

Meet the Team: Marketing Department

When you think about the homebuilding business, you probably see images of construction professionals building the frame of a home, roofers putting the roof on, designers choosing tiles and fixtures, and skilled workers installing cabinets and floors. What you probably don’t think of are the... [read more]

Meet the Team: Accounting Department

As part of our continued “Meet the Wayne Team” series, today we’d like to introduce you to two members of our accounting department: Taylor Bari, our bookkeeper, and Todd Michaels, our assistant controller! Many of the families we work with become a part of the Wayne Homes family, too, and... [read more]

Meet the Team: The Estimating Department

An important part of the home building puzzle is accurately predicting the quantity of materials necessary to build a new home and what those materials will cost. Enter the Wayne Homes Estimating Department. These talented men and women create and provide accurate estimates to our construction... [read more]

Meet the Wayne Team: Our CAD Department

In the past, we’ve shared some insight into the inner workings that keep the Wayne Homes team functioning and moving forward day by day. You met our dedicated customer care team in an earlier edition of our Meet the Team series, and saw how their focus on excellence and providing a quality... [read more]

Making Dreams Reality through the Wayne Homes Experience

The team at Wayne Homes believes in ensuring value across the board, from the quality of homes we build to the approach we take in operating our business. In an effort to share more about our values and what we stand for, we launched our first-ever Executive Video Series. Previous editions focused... [read more]

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