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Wayne Homes Instagram Follow-Up: The Tachoirs

Wayne Homes instagram

As you might remember from Part 1 of the Tachoirs feature, Erica and Evan Tachoir weren’t originally planning to build a home, but when they started looking at Wayne Homes, they realized it was the right choice for them.

We are delighted they chose Wayne Homes as their builder to bring their vision for their forever home, a customized Providence II Classic, to life. And we are lucky the Tachoirs documented their new home from Wayne Homes on Instagram @italianchocolatehomestead so we could follow along!

We asked them to share what life was like post-construction, as they moved into their new home and beyond.

The Move-In Process

“So, the move in process was a bit unusual since we were under a bit of a time crunch with our movers,” Erica shared. “Moving in was nice because it felt permanent.” Now, Erica and Evan have been focusing on organizing and decorating the kitchen, as well as moving all the stuff up from the basement. Evan said, “At the end of the day, it’s your forever home so its good to take time and focus on one thing at a time.”

Wayne Home instagram

If You Had to Do It All Again…

“Would we build this house all over again? Oh yeah!” Erica said enthusiastically. “With building a house, there’s a feeling of financial security and that you are getting ahead with payments over time compared to renting where you never get ahead. In fact, I saw an advertisement for a new luxury apartment this morning that cost 3,000 dollars, and it was smaller than our own house! So glad we decided to do it.” So are we!

Have You Needed to Use Your Warranty?

Wayne Homes instagram

Wayne Homes offers a best-in-class warranty and excellent customer service. We asked the Tachoirs if they have had to use their warranty yet in their new home… Erica said, “It was a really small thing – we were missing the corner pieces that went at our island. It was so funny because Evan and our warranty manager were having a conversation coming out of the basement. By the time they made it upstairs they said ‘Done!’. It was so fast.”

New Home, New Favorites

We asked the Tachoirs if they have developed some new favorite pastimes in their Wayne home. “Definitely cooking!” Erica said. “I love to cook–I’ve always loved to cook, but it was always hard because I would make a mess and always have to clean the mess right away to have enough counter space. Now I can have the oven heating, the air fryer on, and my mixer on one end so I can have all these things going on at once.” Evan shared, “For me I guess it’s a small thing but big to me. Having my own office space again allows me to decorate the wall behind my desk to express my personality more on virtual work calls and meetings.” Erica echoes this, saying, “Not having to be back-to-back with our desks is a favorite thing.” Check out Erica’s office.

Advice for Building a Home

Erica says her best advice is to not give up! “It’s emotionally taxing at the start when the building and planning is just beginning, but towards the last 6 weeks it hits you that you will be living in this house soon.” Evan adds, “It can be stressful at times with it being such an important and expensive purchase, but once you finally get the keys it’s such a relief. It’s also good to be understanding with the process and all the time and work that it takes to get the house built. Once you understand this, it will make the experience so much easier.”

A few favorite posts about their Wayne Homes on Instagram from the Tachoirs:

Pantry: We’re in kitchen storage heaven!

Nook in dining room: The perfect place to enjoy a cup of coffee.

Owner walk-in closet: One of the most-requested home features.

Storm water install and prep for outdoor projects: This lays the groundwork for some future outdoor spaces.

Foyer: Nothing says, “c’mon in” like a welcoming foyer.

Thank you to the Tachoirs – and of course their adorable pup, Case – for sharing their story with us!

We are looking forward to following along as they continue to enjoy life in their forever home from Wayne. Be sure to follow the Wayne Homes Instagram account as we feature new families and their homebuilding journeys.

Do you have a question about building or the Wayne process? Give us a shout! We are here to answer all your questions.

About Wayne Homes

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Disclaimer: The details of this blog are accurate as of the publish date, but are subject to change.

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