Our new team members answer, "Why Wayne?"

While much of the work we do at Wayne involves working with individual families, a bigger picture look at our entire operation shows that our entire company is a lot like a family, too. And that family is always growing! In the past year, we’ve welcomed several new members to the Wayne Homes... [read more]

Giving back with the Wayne Homes team

When you’ve been in the home building business for as long as we have at Wayne Homes, eventually you become more than a business — you become an integral part of the local community. We don’t just build homes, we bring individuals, couples and families into the fold of their community by... [read more]

A legacy of excellence: The Wayne Homes History

Growing our Wayne Homes family didn’t happen overnight. As with any great undertaking, the Wayne Homes story starts some time ago, with an individual who wanted to do something a bit differently. Today, we want to share with you the story of how Wayne Homes came to be, so you can better... [read more]

Find a Location near you. With 20 model homes throughout the midwest, there's a Wayne Homes close by.

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