Meet the Team: Newark Model Center

When you truly love your job, it shows. Not only in how you carry yourself, but also in how you treat others. To keep customer service as our #1 priority at Wayne Homes, we know it’s important to have a great work environment, so our teams can support you the best way possible. Every sales team... [read more]

Meet the Team: Delaware Model Center

Teamwork is paramount to our customers’ happiness. We are proud to share a team that excels in this area: the Delaware Sales Team. This group of experts goes out of their way to support one another and provide excellent customer service to their clients each and every day. Attention to detail and... [read more]

Wayne Homes’ 2nd Annual Partner Expo Keeps Employees on Cutting Edge

Wayne Homes is known for creating beautiful custom homes that are affordable, high quality and on the cutting edge of trends and innovations. So, it makes sense that our company would want to keep employees up to date on the latest and greatest in the industry to maintain our status as an industry... [read more]

25 Fun Facts About Our Team

Wayne Homes is known for friendly service and exceptional quality at an affordable price, but there may be some things about our company that you don’t know. Did you know that 107 of our employees are parents or that one of our new home consultants has been to 23 countries? We believe that when... [read more]

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