Introducing the hottest kitchen trends this year

A lot of what goes into being a reliable, trusted home builder has to do with consistency. Consistency in the products we use, consistency in the quality of our team, and consistency within our process. You might think that could get boring after a while, right? Thankfully, even though a large... [read more]

Behind the Scenes: Master Brands Cabinets

The sheer number of details that go into designing and building a home can seem, at times, to be unending. At Wayne Homes, that’s especially true, because we spend a large amount of time and effort customizing each home to every family and individual we work with. Because of this, we make a... [read more]

Home Design Trends: Kitchen Cabinets

While some things about home design stay pretty consistent year over year – and even decade over decade – there’s plenty of room for customization, and incorporation of the latest trends, when it comes to building your home with the Wayne Homes team. Today, we’re taking a look at trends in... [read more]

40 Kitchen Customization Ideas

See all custom kitchen photos in this gallery » Let’s face it: building a custom home is an absolute blast. Where else can you say things like “Move that wall out five feet to accommodate my indoor hot tub,” and an entire team of people are committed to making it happen? That’s what it’s... [read more]

Meet Some of Our Favorite Custom Home Designers

Kitchen Design Ideas From Our Recent Custom Contest Winners Our model homes are a terrific way to get ideas for your own custom home. Professional interior designers create inspiring showplaces that make it easy to imagine entertaining friends and family in your own dream home. But some of our... [read more]

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