The Wayne Homes Litchfield: Custom Open House

If the Wayne Homes Litchfield could win a personality award it would be “Most Interesting.” Every room in the Litchfield has a little something extra that captures your interest. Take the breakfast room, for example. With windows on two sides and a sliding glass door on another, this is a room... [read more]

Wayne Walkthrough: Auburn II Smart Style Open House

Are two stories better than one? The Auburn II sets out to prove that theory with a two-story foyer for grand entrances and a two-story great room for grand get-togethers. This classic two-story design has all three bedrooms on the second floor, and yet the ginormous owner suite still enjoys a... [read more]

Wayne Walkthrough: Brentwood Virtual Open House

The Brentwood is one of those homes that has it all. Main-floor owner suite, check. Kitchen with walk-in pantry and a large island overlooking the dining room, check. Spacious, open layout with great room, check. This home invites guests to come in and stay a while, and if you have the privilege of... [read more]

You’re invited to a very custom Open House

We use the words “custom floorplan” and “custom home design” a lot around the Wayne Homes universe, and for good reason. It’s at the heart of what we do: customizing a home to meet your needs as well as we possibly can. What does it really mean, though, to create a custom home? How far... [read more]

Our Gettysburg model is ready for you!

Model homes are a great way to get a true feel for what your future Wayne Homes could be like. Looking at swatches and samples is great, but nothing beats spending time in an actual, real home. You can see the way the light reflects off the countertops, the brightness of the great room, and the... [read more]

The Open House Experience, featuring the Vicksburg

Open house season is in full swing here at Wayne Homes, and we’ve been thoroughly enjoying showing prospective homebuyers the real-life look, feel and experience of a Wayne Homes home. Open houses, which take place when a Wayne homeowner opens the doors of their nearly-complete home to the Wayne... [read more]

Discover the Annapolis at our upcoming Open House!

We’ve been talking a lot lately about how it’s open house season here at Wayne Homes, but indulge us for just a little bit longer, because it really is like Christmas for us! We love open house season because it’s such a prime opportunity for prospective home buyers to really get a... [read more]

Our Open House Season is in Full Swing!

Sweet summertime! The best time of the year, for many, and perfect for lots of things: vacations, staycations, backyard BBQs, outdoor game time, and of course… Open House season! We might sound a bit overexcited about this particular “season,” but at Wayne Homes, it’s basically the same as... [read more]

Realtor Open House Event in Sandusky

A lot of our blog posts are focused on the homebuilder’s journey, and on providing insight, tips, and industry knowledge to make your home building decisions easier. Another population we interact quite a bit with, though, are realtors. We develop close relationships with local realtors, who are... [read more]

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