Choosing the perfect floorplan for your family

Cookie cutter home builders often offer the same few floorplans no matter what a family’s needs or future plans may be. That’s one thing that really sets Wayne Homes apart from other home builders: a desire and ability to provide you with a customized experience, so you end up with the perfect... [read more]

The Importance of Quality for the Wayne Homes Team

Deciding on a builder for your home can be a daunting process, with a lot of variables to consider. Timing, craftsmanship, price – questions about all these things will be whirling around your head as you talk with builders, discuss your options and weigh every possible outcome. We know, since... [read more]

Let's Get Personal and Talk About the Personal Value List

Wayne Homes is excited to introduce our first-ever Executive Video Series, which is a three-part series of short videos featuring our own Executive team. Before you start to build your custom home, we want you to get to know us, learn about our values and discover what we stand for. Many people are... [read more]

Don’t Be Fooled. Now is the Time to Buy a Custom Home.

The calendar may say it’s April Fools’ Day, but it could be your smartest day of the year. Perhaps you have been saying that someday you will build your dream home, a home that is customized to meet the needs and lifestyle of you and your family, a home that you will want to live in for a long,... [read more]

Simple Tips for Financing Your Custom Home

Do you dream of building a custom home, any way you want, but think the process of financing a custom home is too complicated? At Wayne Homes, we believe that every step of building a custom home should be easy, affordable, and fun –  even financing. In fact, through our preferred lender Home... [read more]

4 Simple Ways to Build Your Custom Dream Home for Less

Think building a custom home is too expensive for your family? At Wayne Homes, we build custom homes for families with almost any budget. After 40 years of building homes we’ve learned a thing or two to make the process easy, affordable, and fun for you. In fact, we’ll build nearly 500 homes... [read more]

Design Your Custom Dream Home in 3 Easy Steps

Want to know the secret to designing a custom dream home that you’ll love? It’s simple. Design around what’s important to the people that you love. At Wayne Homes, our 3-step process for designing new custom homes makes envisioning your family’s dream home easy, affordable, and fun: Easy:... [read more]

Browse More Than 2,500 Custom Home Design Ideas

Need some customization ideas for your custom dream home? How about more than 2,500? Our Wayne Homes Flickr page has thousands of photos of homes that have been built by actual customers. Haven’t been to our Flickr page yet? Head on over to view almost every kind of customization you can imagine... [read more]

Wayne Homes Makes it Easy to Plan Your Ohio Custom Home

One of the most exciting – and sometimes daunting – aspects of building a custom home is that truly, almost anything is possible. The Wayne Homes team is committed to being yes-men (and women) when it comes to creating your dream home, on time and on budget. So how can you keep the process on... [read more]

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